Finding the things you need on the web can be difficult and time-consuming. We have compiled a list of eight resources with websites that are easy to use so that you can find exactly what you need for your practice without wasting a moment of your time endlessly searching through innumerable sites. Massage Supplies: Got […]

Massage therapists in California take note: a misguided Assembly bill that could thwart the already narrow regulatory influence of the fledgling California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) is moving closer to becoming law. The two-year-old CAMTC currently provides state-recognized, voluntary certification of massage therapists and practitioners in California, but a new bill reflects a move back […]

In my effort to find great research material to offer to other massage therapist’s in the field, I have discovered that too many of us are taking risks with our own safety.  While checking the latest headlines for our industry I have found story after story about Massage Therapists in the field taking risks and […]

This is a topic of great interest to many massage therapist’s.  Maintaining good body mechanics for the duration of any modality performed on a client guarantees less fatigue on the part of the therapist. The spine should maintain a straight line never curved, this supports the spine and protects the back from injury. Proper breathing […]

I was afforded the opportunity to attend a seminar given by Dr. Gil Hedley on Integral Anatomy. It provided a different perspective on how we are put together than traditional anatomy textbooks. As we thumb through the pages of textbooks looking at pages of illustrations describing our body in individual segments. Each muscle having a […]